Our fabrics are labeled

Since the first day of the creation of HAPPY HAUS, we have been committed to respecting our environment and our planet as much as we can by offering clothes that can be worn all year round, and for a long time. This commitment also leads us to offer you the best fabrics made of natural fiber and certified by Gots and Greenpeace.


Obtaining this label means guaranteeing the consumer an ecological garment. Each stage of the product life cycle, from raw material to distribution, is controlled and only certified if it complies with the criteria recorded in the organization’s standard. It attests to a production that respects people and the environment, as is the case at Happy Haus.


It labels brands that limit the use of hazardous substances in their textile production, and promotes the sustainable approaches of suppliers. This label guarantees transparency and traceability of our parts.



The Detox Challenge launched by Greenpeace evaluates us on the credibility of our local commitments and actions. With this challenge, we put into practice the values we hold dear, demanding non-toxic fashion and water purification.


Using less water in the production and finishing of textiles is the main objective of the SAVEtheWATER® project. The processes they developed have reduced water and energy consumption by around 90%, reduced CO2 emissions and eliminated pollutants.