My greatest commitment to the planet is to create clothes that we can wear for as long as possible. Clothes that we never tire of, that we love to wear over and over, that age well and become more and more beautiful over time. This is why in imagining HAPPY HAUS, I first wanted to propose a style and not try to be fashionable. Because fashion goes out of fashion as fast as it is created and pushes us to consume without knowing what we want, what we are. On the contrary, I wanted to offer a wardrobe that would be worn all year round around a few models, deliberately few in number, long thought out so that they become obvious and meet my commitment. A few dresses, a few pants, a coat, one or two jackets, a tunic like essentials made in simple and noble materials like cotton and denim that I wear all the time. And then without giving in to the rhythm of the seasons that fashion wants to impose on us, I wanted to suggest that these models be available in ecological linens for the increasingly frequent periods in the world where it is very hot, or in wools woven most naturally for very cold waves. These versions follow the same philosophy of consuming less to live better, because they too will be worn for a long time, year after year, season after season. When I create a garment, I do not look at others so as not to be inspired by it. I think about who I am so that he looks like me. My style is simple, it is pure, it is feminine, it is timeless. And it’s also my lifestyle. I am not an activist, I am not perfect, even less exemplary but I try to do the best, by looking for suppliers who share my values, whether they manufacture denim certified by GOTS and Greenpeace, wooden buttons or in corozo or weaving for us magnificent organic cotton or tencel, this incredibly soft fabric like silk made from wood.